Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bryan Payne takes to the water

As some of you will know Bryan is a PFG (Previous Fat Guy) who qualified for the Ironman World Championships this year. Congratulations Bryan. Unfortunately Bryan has been hit by injury and since then just a few short days have passed and he's not doing so well. Last night he ate his entire Kegerator (home made beer on tap)!!!!! But the great news is that Bryan says he has got his head around it and has started swimming again today. He even sent a photo of himself before he drained the pool.

Authorities are still searching for three small children and they say they're soon going to move the search to Bryan's naval just as soon as the tunnelling equipment arrives from Chile.



Brybrarobry said...

hahahaha, funny photo. haha

Actually, the SAD part is even at that size, I could have beat you at that last 15 km road race you did. hahaha.


Veriification word: Zabled ....don't know what it means, but it seems appropriate. You've been Zabled. haha

Simon said...

All I can say BryBaby is that we've gone head to head twice - once in an Ironman and once at the beers - currently the score is England 2 - Canada Zip!

Much talk, few results!!!!! Bring it on Lake Placid.

Matty O said...

HAHAHA I think your comment was better than the post! Loved the pic and the story behind the pic. I was going to suggest looking in Bryan's stomach folds for the children too haha!

Hey, if I have to represent USA in this beer drinking competition, I will gladly nominate myself. Currently it appears the score is, England 2, USA 1, Canada ZERO!

Simon said...

M, Hahaha good one, I do hope Bryan reads your comments.

I bet he keeps blogging though if only to continue trying to convince the world he can drink; for those of us that know him know the truth.