Monday, October 25, 2010

Tinker, Tailor, Pilot, F1 Driver...

Seb and Sid had their "Book Character" dress up day at school last week. Their Nani and Nana (Grandma & Grandad - Shilpa's Mom and Dad) bought them the most amazing costumes from the US on their recent holiday. Pop even sent them by overnight express courier from Bangkok to make sure they arrived in time for the big day.

Seb, who is our budding F1 Driver didn't fit into the drivers costume and Sid who either wants to be a pilot or a train driver was too small for the pilot's outfit. Oh well ay! They happily swapped (I was amazed) and proceeded to be two of the coolest looking kids in school (too many pirates and fairies - although I thought the Chef looked really cool too).

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Brybrarobry said...

Awesome outfits.

I can't believe that they are now taller than you. hahaha