Tuesday, October 05, 2010


This guy just did Louisville Ironman. I did too, I didn't meet him but came across this video and it'll either put a smile on your face or bring a tear to your eye - it did both for me.

I love his tag line at the end: - "If you want to do it, all you have to do is do it". Pretty simple ay? But how many people stop before they even begin? Yes there will be setbacks but the sooner you get back with the programme the sooner you'll be on the right road again.

This guy knows what it's all about, he says it again and again in his video - "to be HAPPY" - You got that right brother!

Here I am getting a little philosophical now but I've been reflecting and you know, weight loss, fitness, speed, distance, whatever your particular quantifiable goal may be, these are the things that you strive for and work hard to achieve but they take time, effort, blood sweat and tears.

Believe me they're worth having but the most important goal to aspire towards is HAPPINESS; And the beauty is that on the journey to achieve your particular dream, HAPPINESS can be found in the very first step you take down that road and will be with you, growing and blossoming, all the way. [Sermon over]


DRog said...

Great video! I clicked on it to bring up the youtube page and Brybrarobry's Triathlon Song video was one of the side suggestions videos! haha


Simon said...

D, Yeah, I saw that too, jeez, the Captoon gets everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Simon - I loved it and it will inspire me on Sunday in the Blackforest marathon :-)
Love Sis

lizzie said...

Damn right, laughter and tears! This really struck a chord, what a great story. Thanks for the sermon!

Simon said...

Hey Angela, good luck in the Marathon on Sunday - same day as Kona Ironman Worlds. You'll be in good company.

Lizzie, this is the sort of video you can come back too everytime you need a bit of inspiration. Cool bananas.

Brybrarobry said...

awesome video.