Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Captain - Ironman World Championships

I met Bryan Payne (aka @brybrarobry aka The Captain aka The Captoon aka Training Payne aka BryBaby) on twitter a year or two ago. It transpired that he was doing Ironman China as was I and we met up and got on like a house on fire.

He managed to get chronic food poisoning at the carbo party (as did many others - shame on you IMChina) and failed to finish the race. I doubted he would finish the swim (he was that sick) but somehow got through the swim, the bike and 20k of the run before he had to pull out.

He was devastated about not finishing, so to exorcise these demons he entered and completed Ironman Saint George - in the process he came very close to qualifying for Kona.

Onto Ironman Lake Placid and he did qualify and the rest is history.

I strongly urge you to read Bryan's race report, there are few reports as engaging and clearly he got the most out of his day in Hawaii. My final comments to him were "...never was there a guy that did the Hawaii Ironman with a better attitude to the whole experience and I doubt very few got as much out of it as you did. Bravo and congratulations."

Bryan's Official Race Report HERE


Matty O said...

I can agree with your comment. His experience of this whole event has done nothing but inspire me to do a full ironman.

Simon said...

Matty O, yeah baby, IMLP next year, enter now under the Foundation Slot. I just checked and they're still open. It's gonna be a party. And remember it's not how fast you do it, everyone gets the same finishers shirt and the same medal. You've 17hrs to complete it and anything less is a bonus.

Sign up today while your still not thinking straight and I promise you you'll be at the beginning of the most fantastic journey.