Monday, February 23, 2009

KL City Day Run - 22nd February 2009

(Once again a huge thank you to Tey for the photos)

We entered the boys in their first ever race, the KL City Day Run. We entered them in the 3k race but had to lie about their age as it was supposed to be for 7-10 year olds.

Unfortunately it started with a bit of a mix up. All the roads were blocked off and the police were particularly unhelpful in redirecting competitors to the starting area. Additionally the organisers started the race at 8:10 instead of 8:15.

Never mind, Shilpa, Grandma, Grandad, Sid, Seb and I all started off in pursuit of the pack (albeit about 10minutes after they'd gone). Fortunately the signage was pretty good so we followed the route without too much difficulty.

Sid loved being out in the front and was racing along until Grandad overtook him at which point he threw a tantrum and lay down in the middle of the footpath. Seb on the other hand ran and ran and ran, laughing all the way - well for the first 50 metres that is, at which point he said he didn't want to race any more and wanted to sit down.

The rest of the three k was an exercise in persuasion and coercion but the boys made it to the finish line much to the bafflement and confusion of the race officials - but the boys got their certificates and more importantly they got their Milo drink.

When asked if they would like me to buy them nice new running shoes and do another race in three weeks time they both emphatically said NO! The little darlings.


jennifer said...

oh my gawd...sooo cuuuteeee

Keat Seong said...

wouldn't it be nice if we threw a tantrum during Langkawi IM marathon... hahahahaha

plee said...

All the best to you and TTH in the coming IM Langkawi event, Simon. May the wind be blowing behind your backs...especially during the bike

Simon said...

Love the idea of a Ironman Marathon tantrum - am very tempted to try it but the medics might pull me off the course

Simon said...

Thanks for the wishes - let's hope it's not too hot

Lynn Guan said...

Your kids are adorable! :) Lots of luck on Saturday!