Monday, February 16, 2009

The Week That Was - (IM - 3 weeks to go)

Mmmm, head cold again and moving too my chest I fear - this is a roller coaster! No good.

Monday Mr. Chan called me last week to tell me that there would be a tri training clinic in PD and that for the Ironman competitors he'd arrange a longer swim. A great opportunity to get an open water swim in and I like to support Mr. Chan's efforts whenever I can as he really does put a lot into the sport.

As usual his briefings were somewhat unorthodox but great fun and he arranged for what I reckon was a 4k swim for Ironman athletes which was really good of him considering the clinic was really aimed at Olympic Distance.

As for my swim - oh dear, I felt unbalanced, uncomfortable and no matter how much I tried to adjust my stroke I was pulling badly to the left - need to get this right before race day - but at least I know that this may be a problem so all in all it ended up being a very good and useful session. THANKS MR. CHAN.

Did my usual 50k turbo in the evening - does this do my head in or what!!!???!!!

Tuesday Morning 3+k interval swim - Mum and Dad swam too but pulled out early (about 174 laps early actually but they were there and it's a good start - maybe they'll be treading water at the start of Ironman next year - now there's a thought)

Tuesday through Friday This is getting ridiculous, sick as a dog again, could barely function at work - NO TRAINING and this was supposed to be my last hard week. Spent the week sweating at night without aircon to try to shake it.

Saturday Oh well I thought, start the 186k ride to PD and see how it goes. Yacking up lots of greenies but felt OK. Got to PD via Megamall averaging almost 36kph with little/no drafting. Still felt OK, stormed back against a headwind (which probably explains the speed going down) but still averaged over 34kph - SPOOKY AGAIN - didn't run afterwards as I was now expecting the inevitable melt down - It didn't come - read on...

Sunday I decided that I'd start the run with 32k in the back of my mind but I'd happily except a solid 21k. I set off with small quick steps and left the group behind straightaway. I had no agenda either to go fast or slow, long or very long. It just seemed right. I got to the Petronas turnaround a couple of minutes faster than last week, grabbed a drink and got back to the car park faster still. Before I knew it I was refueled and heading out for Double Hill - I wondered what the big deal was doing a 32k hilly run in high temperature and humidity - it seemed almost easy - Sorry, I'm not intending to show off but that's what it felt like. CRAZY.

I finished the run 7 minutes or so faster than last week and feeling on top of the world. There was easily another fast 10k in my legs too. BIZZARO.

I didn't lose any weight this week due to my increased "I'm ill" comfort eating and less exercise, never mind back on track now. Another real strange week - just hope I can come out of the big weekend fit and healthy for next week. Although the taper starts now.

2 more weeks to go and all the hard stuff done, dusted and in the bank.

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