Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dr. Tan fights on

OUCH - 16+ hours yesterday and the big day today.

Tan Tah Ming 53 Stg1 10:20:24, Stg2 10:23:30, Stg3 10:55:40, Stg4 16:03:00

Today's Stage - Stage 5 (The Long March, Camp Kongsu to Camp Kashgary): From Camp Kongsu, competitors will set out on the infamous "Long March," a nearly 80 kilometer stage that will take most competitors through the night. Competitors will begin with a gradual ascent in a canyon, up a pass, followed by a deep descent into a riverbed. The early section is rated difficult, but followed by a moderate terrain. There will be spectacular views of snow-capped mountains to the east. Distance: 78.7 kilometers (49.4 miles).

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