Friday, June 26, 2009

KL Marathon - Pace Wristband

My buddy Ian just put me onto this. It's a pacing wristband that you wear for marathon pacing. I was told recently that for every minute you're ahead of schedule at the halfway mark you'll give up 4 minutes by the finish.

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We all know that a negative split is the fastest way to run a marathon but I bet less than 1% of runners achieve that - me included. When you're fresh and the excitement of the race is upon you it's almost impossible to hold back enough. Having said that, if you hold back too much then there's no way you'll hit your desired time anyway.

Therefore, here's the solution, when your brain is muddled and your body exhausted - you're on a sugar low and oxygen doesn't seem to be reaching the grey matter, then it's time to look at the predetermined times on the DIY wristband. You type in your own target time and then print out the page. Cut the wristband to size, cover it in clear tape to protect it from sweat and there you have it. See mine below.

Ian then announced that he wasn't going to bother but I've staggered around the second half of enough marathons to know that I will need it. I'm not sure it's going to work for me on Sunday but at least it's one less thing to have to think about and one less excuse.


(Previous image showed a 2:21 projected time - hahaha, I wish)


yipwt said...

pace 2:21?..omg...i am just hoping a sub 4

Simon said...

hahaha - I meant 3:21, I'd better change it quick