Friday, August 28, 2009


In Paris at the Fun Fair, I suggested to Shilpa that we might try something a bit more exciting than the Ferris Wheel...

Taken from the BungyCam - Mad or what?

Taken from the GrandadCam

Next day was my Dad's 77th Birthday and guess what he decided he wanted to do to celebrate it? That'll be the next post. Have a chuckle at our expense with this one first.


plee said...

Nice! 2nd vid shows how far UP you catapulted.

Ritu said...


Love it!

Btw, I love how the boys kept asking if you were going to be scared - guess it's their way of figuring out if they should be scared for you!

I did this once in Atlantic City...didn't know my uncle bought the video package and I managed to scream out every swear in the book! Interestingly, that video is now missing... ;)