Thursday, August 20, 2009

France - Sam's Place

After our stay in Alpe d'Huez was over we drove to Sam's place. Still in the Alps in the Tarentaise Valley near to Bourg Saint Maurice. Next door to Les Arc, Tignes and just down the road from Val d'Isere - those are the famous ski sites but I was more interested in the Tour de France landmarks or cols and climbs I should say (see earlier posts), although we'll be back in the ski season some time for sure.


As soon as we got there it was straight to Sam's village Fete. We were a little late but the boys at least found a friend.

They found a tractor too plus a gorgeous model.

One of the many magnificent views from Sam's village.

The day after we arrived my sister turned up at a local camp site with her family. Here's Nico and Sven, Sid and Seb's cousins.

My brother-in-law, Markus

My Sister Angela with the ever faithful Kiki.

Down by the local lake Sam does his bear impression.

This venue is amazing, great for open water swim training or just having a picnic.

The next day Angela and her clan went with me and the boys (Shilpa left home studying) and we went to Lac d'Annecy. Check out these homes - I want one.

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful.

Captain Sid of the HMS Pedalo.

Captain Seb, at your service.

Nico being the big brother, Sid being a happy chappy and Markus providing the power.

The next day Sam and I rode to Italy via the Col de Petit Ste Bernard. It was so exhilarating and beautiful that we drove up there in the afternoon so the girls and little fellas could share in the awesomeness of this place.

Bourg Ste Maurice from the road to Italy.

Sam and Carmen looking very content with life - and so they should be, lucky devils.

Shilpa looking windswept and gorgeous. Checkout the view too and the road winding up the mountain in the background. (Click to enlarge).

No we're not on a motorbike but rather Seb is practising his photographic skills - not bad dude.

Shilpa and Seb sneak into Italy.

Ah-ha, Sid's awake now the Italian pizzas and gelatos are on the way.

Mummy and Seb loving the mountains.

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