Thursday, August 27, 2009

France - Friends, Family and Birthdays

Shilpa had arranged to meet Beatrice and her twin boys while we were in Paris. Beatrice & Bernard were part of the Twins Group in KL when they were based there. They are now back in France. We really miss them but it was wonderful to catch up, especially for the girls.

We met at the Jardin des Plantes, near to Notre Dame and just a short walk from the Batobus stop. They have a Zoo there too, the boys (including me just loved it).

Shilpa and Beatrice - good friends are hard to come by.

I wonder who these too rather curious young chaps are?

Later we met up with one of Shilpa's college friends, Chandani, at the Eiffel Tower. We left the girls to it, Grandma and Grandad went off for a well earned rest (in preparation for Dad's 77th birthday dinner) and the boys went on a horse buggy ride - AWESOME.

"Hey Seb, these horses are flippin big aren't they?"

Later that evening we celebrated Dad's birthday - here he is looking very cheerful and philosophical.

Mum making sure everyone was behaving.

Shilpa and Chandani getting stuck into to the wine.

Dad getting stuck into his bucket of beer. He was feigning shock at the size of it but then he didn't seem to have any trouble putting a few of them away - I guess it was his birthday after all.

As you can see Shilpa and Chandani were having a rather fun time and rather a lot of wine. This is what they looked like before we'd even finished dinner.

Happy birthday Dad.

When it came to bedtime, Grandad knows best and there he was assuming his role as the responsible Grandad with Sid and Seb obediently following. Impressive stuff.

Happy birthday Grandad, night night all.

We were all leaving the next day, the end off our holiday boo hoo boo hoo! Grandma and Grandad back to England and us back to Kuala Lumpur. What a great holiday and a lovely note to finish up on.

Shilpa stayed out on a bit of a girls night out with Chandani while Daddy did the dutiful thing and babysat the boys.

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