Friday, August 21, 2009

France - The hills are alive...


Now tell me this isn't straight out of the sound of music or what?!!! Sam took us on a drive just 10 minutes from his house for a walk to a little village that is cut off by snow in the winter and can only be accessed by ski's, snow shows and Yettie's.

Oh golly, just look at this...I'm going to have to say gorgeous again.

Sam also doubles as the local priest here (just kidding, he's a choir boy actually).

Words escape me!

Sam and I actually had a competition to see who could stand in this stream the longest. He laughed like a drain as I squealed in pain and leap out after about 30 seconds - IT WAS FREEZING!

How about this, not only on glaciers, Shilpa can find chocolate cake even in remote villages cut off from the outside world. Some might say she has a problem, she calls it a gift!!!

That's my boy - no doubting who his dad is.

And another one.

Check out the waterfall - nature at its best.

On the way down.

I feel like bursting into song.

The intrepid hikers.

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