Monday, August 24, 2009

France - The Burkarts & Tignes

Angela, Markus, Nico and Sven were soon to be off home so we all met at the local Hotel and one of Sam's favourite watering holes for a lovely evening of dinner and drinks.

The boys all looking well behaved although the terrible twins did start making a bit too much noise as the evening progressed.

Sven and Siddhart

Nico and Sebastian

Angela and Markus

Sam and Carmen

Just before Angela left and as she and Markus were packing up the last bits and pieces, Shilpa and I took all four boys on the local tourist "train" around town. Probably one of Sid and Seb holiday highlights. We finished it off with pizza and ice-cream of course. Then we said bye bye to the Burkarts and has just one more day at Sam's paradise home.

On our last day we decided to go and have a look at Tignes. In the winter it is a Skiers Mecca but in the summer the whole place is set up for families, hikers, downhill mountain bikers (crazy - they have to wear body armour) - however you can still ski on the glacier on top of the mountain - coll or what?).

First of all trampolines - Seb doing his stuff

Sid performing at his best

Next onto the bouncy castles and blow up rock climbing - how come I never had these things when I was a lad. Sid and Seb were in heaven. (So were Sam and I, as we snuck off for a couple of cold beers at this point).

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