Friday, September 18, 2009

The Castle Expands - A climbing Wall is Born

When we were in France we came across climbing wall hand holds and decided to build a climbing wall on the back of the boy's "Castle". Here it is as it used to be.

The climbing grips in question, very coll that we managed to get these in France.

I ordered two sheets of 18mm plywood. After a bit (a lot actually) of measuring, cutting, drilling, sanding and varnishing they were ready to be mounted on the Castle.

I got some ropes from the hardware store too and expanded the concept a little further.

The final product. Cool or what?

While I was at it I replaced the galvanised swing chains (they were beginning to rust) with zinc plated ones, covered them with piping (to protect the little ones dainty hands) and replaced the shackles with "joining" chain links to make for a smoother swing.

Here's what it all looks like (you can see glimpses of the climbing wall at the back).

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