Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lance to do Kona

Not sure when, but he says "It's safe to say he'll do Kona".

Simon says: - How cool will that be?


Emma said...

call it sour grapes if you must...but he should bloody go somewhere else and qualify FIRST!! Just becasue he is Lance frigging armstrong WTF

Simon said...

Yes it is sour grapes. I have no doubt that he would intend to qualify. He's talking about being up there and trying to win it, he's not going to be gifted anything the other Pro's wouldn't put up with it and Lance wouldn't have it any other way.

When he did the Boston Marathon he first qualified in New York with a 2:45 I might add! Somthing tells me qualifying ain't gonna be difficult for him.

So calm down and go and get some training in and remember "In Lance we Trust"