Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Onion King rules again

Many of you will know about one of the most prestigious and keenly contested events of the year the "Onion Competition". Only a limited number of contestants are invited to take part every year and their applications are very carefully vetted: - No onion, no entry; no sense of humour, no entry; no booze, difficult to get entry; don't know where Brownhills is, no entry... the list goes on but I shan't bore you.

The very exciting news is that the top prize this year went to none other than Peter Cross. [The crowds go wild]. Additionally the second most prestigious award for the heaviest weight of 5 combined onions also went to Peter Cross. Keeping the family winning streak going Anne Cross won the best pot plant prize for her Chilli Plant. Is there no end to this families talent????

Here's Peter with his winning Onion and trophy. Note the obligatory gloat!!!

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heckler said...

Interesting, I wonder how those onions taste like... :)