Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Snatch Thief vs. The Triathlete

Simon says: - I got a message this morning from Kristoff in Vietnam - Check this out - it's funny but scary at the same time. Snatch thieves are cowards of the lowest form, they tend to prey on women, have no regard for their victims as in many cases they are thrown to the ground and suffer terrible injuries and often death. Snatch thieves deserve every bad thing that happens to them and it is the one crime that I think capital punishment is a good option!!! (Perhaps I'm going a bit overboard as I'm 100% against capital punishment but I do passionately detest snatch thieves). Great job Kristof, take care and watch your back.

Kristoff writes: -

"I think you'll like this one.

Last Thursday night around 10 pm, I was just outside the door of my apartment about to take my girlfriend home. I sat down on my motorbike and suddenly my GF screamed. A guy had just tried to steal her bag.

I immediately got off the motorbike and started chasing the guy. A friend of his was waiting in the adjacent alley on a motorbike. Like Usain Bolt, I gave chase to the motorbike and managed to get hold of the guy sitting on the back.

I tore his t-shirt and continued pulling him off the bike. Finally at the end of the alley, they lost control of the bike and crashed into a big plant pot. I managed to get hold of the back guy, hit him another time in the face, and then let him go, because I wanted to survey the situation and know where the other guy was going.

I saw him running away, now being followed by his friend. Their motorbike was still lying on the ground. The people in the surrounding houses all came out and quickly started realizing what had just happened.

The funny thing about the whole situation is that they weren't able to steal anything from us and they lost their motorbike in the act. I had to take care of some administration with the police, but everybody thought it was pretty cool. It was only afterwards that I started realizing, shit, these guys might want to take revenge for their lost motorbike. Wait and see, I guess.

Another adventure in Nam. And it also shows: DON'T MESS with a triathlete :-D


Stupe said...

outran the bike. Cool!

Denis Oakley said...

Go Kristoff! Go!

I guess Senay should start triathlons as well as she tri'd to chase down a car with 4 indians in once after she had her bag snatched. She didn't get to keep the car though.

I'd have love to have seen Kristoff's HR results for that though :)

Mel said...

Yeah... I got grabbed from behind by the hair by guys on a motorbike in Bangsar, they tried to pull me down onto the ground, but with all my kicking and swearing and screaming they looked at me in (drugged) confusion and finally rode off. Be careful out there!

yipwt said...

wtf...seems like everyones' being mugged.