Monday, September 07, 2009

TBB Social Ride

(Photos courtesy of Cycling Asia)

I just wanted to make mention of The Bike Boutique's Social Ride on the 30th August. It was fabulous riding with such a big group of like-minded chaps and chapesses. I joined the group at MegaMall and had a great time chit-chatting all the way down to the turn off for Salak/PD.

Aaron, Neil and a few others had made it clear that they were heading home at this point so as they peeled off to the left, I pulled over to the right side of the road, turned right and headed to Port Dickson. Moments later I looked behind and there was Disco Dave and Elaine but 70 riders had disappeared in the direction of Salak.

Oh well I thought maybe the drizzle had put them all off. Not me though, nor DD. Elaine was a tad worried that we'd got it wrong but I assured her that this route was a very well worn road that I'd been down many many times (staple diet of IMMY training).

[A special note for Disco Dave and Elaine, DD kept riding away from me, I couldn't even stay with him drafting - I wasn't feeling my best but even so he's getting mighty strong. Elaine too was riding very strongly and had no problems with the pace, hills or anything that was thrown at her!!!]

As it turned out Daniel, who had set the route had somehow got it wrong and gone to Salak for a drink stop rather than the designated one at Sepang!!!! Oh well ay!

Most people worked it out in the end and as it happens we were joined by about half the group at the coffee shop in PD and the other half stopped about 7K short in Lukut (lazy or what?).

We re-grouped, took a group photo (which believe me took some organising - the terms "piss ups" and "breweries" came to mind!). That done I had to be back - family duty called so although I was physically spent I headed off and kept going until I hit Salak, grabbed a couple of drinks (Including Coke! When I reach for the Coke I know I'm hanging on by the fingernails).

I managed to get home before my deadline but there wasn't a cat in hells chance of me running - so that was that. A lovely day, excellent company, great support by TBB and Cycling Asia. A little lonely and tiring on the way home but that's what we have to endure sometimes.

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