Friday, March 12, 2010

The China Adventure - Friday 12th.

Went to bed early last night and slept like a baby. Tootled about this morning and then realised I might miss the last bus to the swim start.

Raced downstairs but alas too late. Toyed with getting a taxi but then decided to ride down and hope my bike didn't get stolen while I swam (it didn't).
The plan was that since I got orientated in the swim yesterday and had a time to compare, today I would push it a little - a time trial, if you like!

Hmmmm! A full minute slower - now that wasn't supposed to happen. I was told later by Carmen that all the other athletes were saying that the current was much stronger today - I hope that was it. It also smelt like we were swimming in effluent too which wasn't nice at all!

I had a pleasant chat with John from Athens (having checked the entry list I think his name is Ionnis really, guess he didn't think I could handle it) and then a leisurely ride back. Met up with Carmen and she'd been told she couldn't enter unless she had cash - so it was off to my computer to try to register online - it's never straightforward when the pressure is on, the clock ticking and the options reducing by the hour. The good news is that we eventually did it online with a credit card - phew!

I then met Bryan & John for a very enjoyable lunch and chat in town, a bit of grocery shopping (incl. Beers for post race celebration - whatever the outcome).

We then headed for the bike route tour - two massive buses full of people - never have I seen so many focused and serious triathletes - it's certainly not a carnival atmosphere at the moment - too many people on a mission. Come on folks lighten up a little.

I was quite bored and very tired by the end but then it was straight into the carbo dinner. We were spared the standard cultural dancing (sorry but it's just not me) and straight into dinner - extremely nice, loads of it - quite a surprise - not the usual sticky bun fight - one might almost call it "civilised".

Met the Japanese pro that came second in IMMY, congratulated him on his accomplishment and commiserated with him on not getting his qualification spot in Hawaii due to the ridiculous new WTC rule...don't get me started.

Met some cool people but now heading for an early night.

Spent some time chatting with Shilpa on Skype and doing a little work with her on a project we've been working on - a long time away in terms of coming to anything so I shan't bore you with it now.

Have a great day for those of you in the West and a great night's sleep for everyone in this neck of the woods.

The plan tomorrow is a very short swim/bike/run tomorrow and then Black Beauty gets checked in to T1.

The clock is really counting down now, I'm not nervous, just quietly contemplating the task at hand - as Ben said "treat every big race like it's gonna be the hardest thing you've ever done" a great philosophy for sure.

Nighty night peeps.
Simon Cross
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