Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Hawaii Qualifiers

I just wanted to say a huge well done to my fellow "Malaysians" and buddies who qualified for Hawaii in the recent IMMY. I was at the roll down but with no illusions of getting a spot but I love the atmosphere, especially when buddies and training partners get their names called out.

Time 09:46:32

Jens Wilken
- German, an absolute gentleman, races by the numbers (powermeter), always cool, calm and collected - Great swimmer, cyclist and runner - doesn't seem to have any weaknesses - mixes it up with the pros.

Time 10:36:22

Cort Prios
- American, also an absolute gentleman, also races by the numbers (powermeter, heart rate, the works). He was doing most of his riding indoors until I recently encouraged him to join my 186k PD rides. He was just about on the pace on the first one and then blew me away from then onwards (progressively by more and more each week).

Time 11:05:58

Emma Bishop
- Brit, my claim to fame is that I convinced her to start this sport, her first triathlon was Ironman Malaysia 2008 - she came second (only one qualifying spot in her age-group), the following year second again but 2010 despite acute stomach problems (and a subsequent visit to the medical tent) she won her age-group.

Time 10:23:45

Also I wanted to give a shout out to Barry who qualified in his first Ironman but wasn't able to take up his slot.

Time 10:08:16

, who qualified again. He missed out last year though because the silly American Embassy didn't issue his visa in time. A real credit to him, he took it in his stride and will be there this year in October.

Time 10:44:49

, had a real battle of a race, was in a real bad way as he came over the line. Sadly he didn't realise that he'd qualified and although I managed to get a message to him he arrived just too late and his place got rolled down to another athlete. That's really tough Dino, but you'll be there next year for sure.

Time 12:34:42

, 2nd in her age-group and first Malaysian woman. Sadly there was only one spot in her category but usually there is a first Malaysian spot for the men and women. There wasn't this year but the organisers didn't bother telling anyone - you can imagine her disappointment when she had to ask at the end of the roll down - shame on you LIEM & WTC!

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True winners! Congratulations .