Friday, March 05, 2010

Ironman Training/Race Totals - TAPER WK2/Race Week

My training totals for last week: -

Total Time: - 18:46:14hrs

Swim: - 3:11:21hrs - 9.26km
Bike: - 8:30:44hrs - 303km
Run: - 5:27:07hrs - 62.55km
Core-work & Stretching - 1:30hrs - 135 press-ups, 1125 crunches

Scores on the doors: -
Workouts - 17/17
Eating - Not too bad but over ate a little for the two days leading into the race.
Sleep - Got better as the week went on and slept like a baby the two nights prior to the race.

Comments: -

All good leading into the race - race is history now so now to focus on China. Lessons learned (AGAIN), prepare menu in days leading into the race so that I don't over eat. Take psyllium husk 36 hours prior to race rather then 24 hours for a guaranteed "clear out".

Other than these two things I think I got it pretty spot on.


skierz said...

Simon, can you tell me more about using psylliumm husk? interested on teh benefits and affects. thanks

plee said...

Looking consistently strong and fantastic! All the very best at IM China! Wishing you a good fast race and Kona.

Simon said...

Skierz, psyllium husk is basically pure non digestible fibre. I take it 36hrs before any race to "empty out" the system. Basically racing with waste products from food digestion is detrimental for three reasons: -
1) Not a major consideration but it is weight that you don't need to be carrying around the course.
2) The real major issue, especially on longer races, is it can cause stomach cramps of such intensity it brings you to a standstill - at the very least it'll slow you down.
3) The third point is my theory only but I feel that if you're carrying "excess" that could have been gotten rid of then it can cause a "poisoning" effect making you sluggish or worse, especially on a long race where the effects of dehydration are very difficult to entirely counter - such that the body is looking to extract water from wherever it can to rehydrate the bloodstream.

Again please note that the last point is my own theory nothing more but one thing for sure is that you race faster and happier if you've had a good clear out.

It's not like inducing diarrhea or anything like that so you're not losing essential salts etc...

Try it, it works and in my mind ESSENTIAL.

Simon said...

Hey Paul, thanks a lot, really appreciated.

skierz said...

thank s for the update! Cheers