Monday, March 08, 2010

IMMY - Some of my favourite piccies

(Courtesy of Tri-Stupe, Sandy, Andrea, Shilpa and if I've forgotten anyone please let me know but thanks to everyone that took pictures and made them available. Not only for me but for all the competitors - our pain is soon forgotten but YOU GUYS make the great memories last forever - THANKS).

Now that's an Eagle.

My two biggest fans.

Worried? At the briefing.

Not worried here - pre race chit chat.

Out of the water - Is that Belinder Granger in front of me (and behind)?

That's one angry shirt - I wouldn't want to meet him in China!

Cool picture - I actually look fastish.

It's hard to work out which one is the shirt and which one the Ironman. They both look scary!

A very tired but happy and relieved family - thanks for the support - you were awesome!

(BTW the little girl belongs to Cort and Sandy but she fits in nicely don't you think? Don't think C&S are going to give her up easily though).

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Stemmet said...

Great Pics