Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Post IMMY review of goals

Well I finished at least and in pretty good shape, no aches or pains just a bit (a lot actually) of chafing around the neck from the speedsuit in the swim. I'll do a proper write-up later but wanted to review my goals first and see where I was at with them.

Finishing time: - 10hrs 15mins 11secs (Time on the clock in the picture is due to the Pros starting 15 minutes before us).

1) Swim - PB (Very realistic) - FAILED (Everyone was slower, current very strong and distance may also have been longer than last year as there was a strong current then too - All said and done I was quite disappointed about this as I'd trained really really hard on the swim)

2) Swim - Sub 1hr10 (Realistic) - FAILED

3) Swim - Sub 1hr05 (Unlikely but possible) - FAILED

4) T1 - 2min30 - FAILED Disappointed with myself about this too. I could have been quicker but I was so focused on getting it right that I gave myself time here - also I made sure I stopped and drank as I knew that this was going to be a major factor - this WILL BE FIXED for China, it's all "FREE TIME" and normally I'm pretty swift through transition in an OD race.

5) Bike - PB (Very realistic but will depend on course to some degree) - ACHIEVED Got stomach cramps on the bike and the organisers ran out of water after 4hrs but still made it.

6) Bike - Sub 5hr (Realistic but will depend on course to some degree) - ACHIEVED 4hrs57

7) Bike - ~4hr50 (Realistic but will depend on course to some degree) - FAILED

8) Bike - Sub 4hr50 (Unlikely but possible) - FAILED

9) T2 - 2min30 - FAILED Disappointed with myself about this too although 3 minutes faster than last year.

10) Run - Back off and smell the roses - jog/walk save myself for China (Most realistic) - FAILED I rolled the dice and came up short - Big mistake? I feel pretty unscathed by the race other than bruised kidneys and a painful toenail.

Unless I feel amazing then: -
11) Run - PB (If I'm going for it then this is a given) - ACHIEVED 3hr55 (My third fastest marathon ever).

12) Run - Sub 4hr (If I'm going for it then this should be a given) - ACHIEVED

13) Run - ~3hr45 (Realistic) - FAILED It was on the cards but the heat and resulting stomach cramps put paid to that.

14) Run - Sub 3hr40 (A big ask, weather will dictate) - FAILED It was on the cards blah blah blah.

15) Run - ~3hr30 (Unlikely but possible if weather not too hot i.e. it rains [hahahaha]) - FAILED If only it had rained!!!! If only, if only...but it didn't so get a life Simon and try again.


heckler said...

good job dude. Whack IM china will ya!

Stemmet said...

Don't beat yourself up, I know you are disappointed not gettinga Kona slot but you had an awesome race. A lot of people will give their two front teeth for a result like that.
Go get them in China
Rest well

Stemmet said...

Forgot to mention, and you also forgot: you had the FASTEST bike split in your age group. WOW, awesome man, well done.

The timing shows 10h30 across finish line, do the Pros start 15 minutes early, as you did 10h15

We are lucky here in SA, everybody start at the same time, but at IMSA70.3 the start 5 minutes early, sometimes you just get a shock only to realize you must subtract the time.

With what shoes did you race?


Simon said...

Hey Johan,

Yes I did notice about the bike but it wasn't a pre race goal. In fact I had the second fastest amateur bike split overall so I'm pretty happy about that and I didn't nail myself to the wall on the bike either.

Yes the Pros started 15 minutes before us - I've updated the blog.

Shoes - My ever faithful Asics DS Trainers - still yet to find a better shoe although I did like the Newtons very much I'm just not sure if I could handle the form needed to make them work properly across a full IM Marathon.

One thing about the DS Trainers is that you can't do more than a 10k barefoot in them so you have to use socks which wastes time - I noted that you reckon the Newtons work fine over a long distance without socks - I may have a revisit on that front but not before China.

Simon said...

As for the Kona issue, thanks for the good advice. I'm not that disappointed, I haven't started obsessing about qualifying (not yet anyway). I gave myself this year and next to qualify - I knew this year was more of a "dry run" to pick up my training and to understand exactly how far I'd have to go to qualify. If I manage it in China then I'll see it as a big bonus - if not then I shall be philosophical and just feel sorry for the 45-49 year olds that have to compete against me next year.

The dream at the moment is me and Bryan sitting in China, post race with a bear in one hand a big cuban cigar in our mouths and qualification letters in the other hand.

If accomplished the next dream is to be sitting in Hawaii post race with you and Bryan with frozen margaritas (cigars optional).

Cheers buddy and keep up the training - looking good so far, good luck in the race this weekend. China will soon be over and all the focus is going to be on you nailing IMSA.

Denis Oakley said...

Well done Simon,

What you've done is a really good way of reviewing your goals and helping to focus them down for next time. I thinking I'll try and drop much the same thing.

On the swim it was totally obvious to me sitting in front of my computer that the swim was really hard. Everyone I saw was significantly down on previous time - or achievable times for them.

How did you competitor analysis work out - Did you identify the key people or was there a lot of variation?



Simon said...

Thanks Denis,

Competitor analysis worked pretty well I had a good idea where I was as Shilpa, other friends and Sam kept me posted. There was always the unknown though and when it came to it on the last lap she was telling me I needed to pick up 2 minutes - I can honestly say there was not an extra 2 minutes left in me - when it comes down to it you put your body on the line, you save nothing - if you're still "together" physically and mentally then you move as fast as the body will allow, if you've been beaten by the course then you're probably way off the pace anyway and have long since given up caring where anyone else is.

Furthermore, I'm probably going to lose every sprint to the line I ever get involved in with my little legs, so simply racing your own race, keeping the hammer down from start to finish (but with smart pacing) and learning where those pockets of seconds can be made up for the next race are vital lessons.

I don't intend to do research for China, what I've seen has already intimidated me - but I have now reset my mindset, if it is 5C coller than Langkawi, I make sure I taper properly and eat right leading into the race then I will be racing with my "A" game - I don't care who they are, how hard they've trained or how much faster than me they are on paper - my "A" game is gonna take some beating.

Stupe said...

Simon, IMH(ainan) will be rooting for you. Cant afford to be there physically but will do so via ironmanlive.

You did really well as 10:15 is like a far fetched dream for me.

But i shalt use this as a motivation to be like you when i grow up (older).

skierz said...

that is a great result! as a first time IM in training, I dream of being able to come remotely close to times like that! Sounds like you are going in hte right direction, and your timing strategy will likely be your success to Kona! Great race! Congratulations!

Simon said...

Thanks for all the great comments and support guys.