Monday, February 22, 2010

Ironman Training Totals (TAPER WK1) - W/e 21 Feb 2010

My training totals for last week: -

Total Time: - 20:03:05hrs

Swim: - 3:50:41hrs - 11:41km
Bike: - 9:47:39hrs - 339km
Run: - 4:24:45hrs - 55.75km
Core-work & Stretching - 2:00hrs - 180 press-ups, 1500 crunches

Scores on the doors: -
Workouts - 19/23 (missed 3 extra core/stretching sessions & 1 extra swim that I added to the plan)
Eating - 6.1/10 (Terrible - stress starting to show I guess! At least it's measured this time)
Sleep - 4.7/10 (Terrible - probably indicative of the family being away and discipline poor.)

Comments: -

Great week's training - TAPER WK1, didn't feel much of a taper but judging by run heart rate and speed on long bike on Saturday and speed of long run on Sunday the body is responding well and knows the volume has reduced. TAPER WK2 this week and looking forward to keeping the engine ticking over before the big assault on Saturday.

Sleeping and eating haven't been great - poor discipline still but at least I'm aware of it and it's measured - I think at least that will keep it in check. I'm down to 69kg now and will do my best to sustain that - no point in trying to lose more at this stage.

So ready to go pretty much, just got to keep it on the straight and narrow now for a few more days.

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