Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mr Arrogant or Mr Just Being Honest?

Courtesy of Mohan the Great)

Simon says: - Personally I love him, I love his arrogance (and arrogance it is) because a lot of the time he backs it up with results. As for being the fittest man in the world - I think he should look first to Dean Karnazes (Author of Ultramarathon Man, a book everyone MUST read before EVERY Ironman they do). Macca, you add great colour and spectacle to our sport, keep it up dude, not many mouthy Aussies pull it off and still get respect.


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Denis Oakley said...

Dean's description of the Western States is awe inspiring and definitely worth reading.

After reading 99% of Born to Run I think it's arguable whether he is the fittest.

One of the problems and advantages of triathlon is that it is constrained and artificial. It has a set of rules determine what you have to do and when. Life by contrast is more free flowing and this is reflected by the more chaotic nature of x-country travelling.

But both of them and Simon are all far fitter than me :)