Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Speedsuits legal for Ironman races

I recently heard that FINA had banded speedsuits (fastskins, swimskins) and that WTC the orgaisation behind Ironman were following suit. Indeed it appears they did for a period of 24 hours but then backtracked. I extracted the following statement from the slowtwitch.com website: -

"Wetsuits that exceed 5mm in thickness will be legal at Ironman events that are wetsuit-legal, as will so-called fastskins or swimskins at all Ironman events.

Ironman's Steve Meckfessel stressed that there is no ban in place on either style of garment, and, no date when any such ban is currently contemplated. Any rule changes will depend on the discussions on rule dispensations between Ironman and USA Triathlon."

See full article HERE

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