Friday, February 12, 2010

What RUNNER+ say about Nike Lunarglide+

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Simon says: - It seems like others agree with me about the Lunarglide+.

The new Nike LunarGlide+ running shoes are the definition of versatility. I was very pleasantly surprised with the feel and comfort of the shoe itself. The orange and black pattern design offers style without sacrifice as Nike has struck a winner with the new LunarGlide+.

The initial feedback has to be given to the shoes incredible versatility. I once thought it impossible to create a shoe that does everything. The LunarGlide is certainly the closest to this achievement. It is hard to believe a shoe can be designed for the underpronator, overpronator, high and low arched, and neutral arched runners in a single design. Nike assessed all different kinds of runners and created a shoe that adapts to anyone. This point cannot be overstressed because of the lack of knowledge in the “shoe fitting” area. We have all heard the claims that this shoe offers this and that shoe offers that. How many times have you been to the store and bought a shoe that just did not work out in the comfort department? Obviously, aches and pains lead to compensation in different joints, muscles, and tendons sometimes leading to serious injury; not to mention the extra energy expended. I personally overpronate with a high arch, and the LunarGlides adapted to my feet extremely quickly. After the first kilometer, I felt like I had put on hundreds already. I also felt the shoe was built perfectly for my feet. The amazing thing is it is built for any type of runner with any type of foot!

The cushioning is perfect for any surface. The Nike FlyWire technology provides superior cushioning without adding weight. The foam had a natural bounce to it thanks to the Nike Lunarlite foam, comparable to the New Balance Zip’s without the bulkiness. The cushioning was not on an Asiacs Gel type level either, which allows you to feel the surface and is much easier on the knees. I used three different terrains on three different runs to access the versatility of the shoe on different surfaces. I ran with them on a treadmill, through a nature path, and on the blacktop. The shoe provided my feet with the same feeling after each run.

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