Monday, February 15, 2010

Ironman Training Totals - W/e 14 Feb 2010

My training totals for last week: -

Total Time: - 28:14:48hrs

Swim: - 6:41:41hrs - 18.26km
Bike: - 12:17:46hrs - 424km
Run: - 6:45:21hrs - 81.08km
Core-work & Stretching - 2:30hrs - 315 press-ups, 2625 crunches

Scores on the doors: -
Workouts - 21/23 (only missed 2 extra core/stretching sessions that I added to the plan)
Eating - 7.3/10 (An improvement but still poor.)
Sleep - 5.7/10 (An improvement but still poor.)

Comments: -

Another quality week and the last of the really heavy training. I start tapering now although the number of sessions don't reduce nor does the intensity. It's just the volume that lessens and even that only by about 20% in week 1 of taper and about 50% in week 2.

My lungs are pretty much back to normal (not quite 100% yet) but I have noticed that my feet are getting painful around the outside top - clearly this is an overuse issue and ice has to be the answer plus the taper (I hope so anyway).

Eating and sleeping still a long way from being where they should be - I really struggle with these and it's totally down to race induced stress and lack of discipline.

My weight is now at 70kg (37kg or 81lbs lighter than in 2000) but I was targeting 67kg so I will likely hit 69kg maybe 68kg but the extra weight and poor sleep may prove to be my undoing - the weather/heat will be head and shoulders the biggest factor though. Couldn't have really asked for better training, provided I don't screw up my diet over the next two weeks I can be very happy with where I'm at and will have no regrets whatever the outcome.

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