Sunday, February 07, 2010

Ironman Training Totals - W/e 7 Feb 2010

My training totals for last week: -

Total Time: - 27:24:22hrs

Swim: - 6:25:16hrs - 17.86km
Bike: - 12:58:13hrs - 432km
Run: - 6:30:53hrs - 80.85km
Core-work & Stretching - 1:30hrs - 135 press-ups, 1125 crunches

Scores on the doors: -
Workouts - 19/23 (only missed extra sessions that I added to the plan - 4 core-work sessions)
Eating - 6.0/10 (This is getting worse and could reflect growing subconscious stress as the race draws near - I need to be vigilant and not let this get out of control otherwise this will be a race breaker.)
Sleep - 5.0/10 (Still erratic and poor discipline - this could be a race breaker too so must get on top of it.)

Comments: -
All in all an excellent week with loads of run PBs which is a very good sign at this stage of the game, although come race day it'll be singularly down to the weather and more specifically the heat.

I had some tough days in the saddle this week which I think simply reflect the combined fatigue load - I assume that this is how the plan is supposed to work, build up until almost physical (and mental) breakdown (pretty much daily at this stage of the plan - I've be following it in two stages since the end of August). The structure of the plan and when the sessions are executed give the body enough recovery for the next session and ultimately is encouraged to recover quicker and quicker and also simply get used to the huge work load.

The downside to this is you never know when you will have a good session or a fatigue riddled doggy one. The bike times have suffered this week but the runs greatly improved with the swims pretty good.

I still have some lung issues; when I was really suffering during the long ride and long run I was yakking up greenies again - I hope that this is just residue from the chest infection and a sign that the lungs are recovered but clearing out the last of the gunk - I have a sore throat too so I have to be very vigilant on this.

Eating and sleeping MUST be improved this week and the last 3 weeks for that matter. I have the last mega week this week and really want to execute EVERY session with quality (including the extra ones I've added) plus score perfect 10's for eating and sleeping.

Then two weeks taper (although you may not recognise them as much of a taper - this training plan is brutal!) followed by Ironman Malaysia then two weeks "recovery" and then Ironman China. Should be an interesting roller coaster ride.

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Brybrarobry said...

your almost there. Incredible numbers you put on the board. I know about the taper, I call mine one, but it's still hard. haha. Just the odd day off.

I have a good vibe for you. I think your going to rock!!!