Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Brilliance from "Mohan the Great"

I just received this email from Mohan. Total brilliance although it'll take a bit of prep and I must say I will seek out "real" coffee whatever it takes as I love the stuff. What particularly excited me was the homemade salt tabs. I've enquired exactly what he put in whether it's just table salt or anything else (I'll update later). I hate paying through the nose for the "branded" ones which I use for Ironmans. I generally lose them or they get damp before the next Ironman or even worse you can't find any to buy in time. Homemade salt tablets for me from now on.

Hi Simon,

I remember reading that you need your shot of coffee before a race - me too...!

I usually have a strong shot of coffee about an hour or so before a race.....

Well.... that's easy to have when I am at home or staying in a 'proper hotel' when running an overseas marathon.

I had to seriously think of a "quick-fix-coffee-solution" when I was packing my stuff for the recent "Energizer Pacesetter Night Marathon" at Cyberjaya. I was following a friend's car from Singapore, and was quite certain that I would not be able to buy my 'kopi-kuat' anywhere near the race starting point.

Came up with an idea, which I think is pretty good.....

I 'capsuled' my instant coffee ( Nescafe ) - which I have named "Nescaps ". (See attached pictures)

How to take it? Just pop the capsules ( according to addiction ) with a glass of water.

"Back to basics,

a) I just need the coffee (caffeine) in my system - in the easiest way of course.

After popping the capsules, it breaks down very easily in the stomach, as the gelatine caps dissolves quickly.

Empty gelatine caps can be purchased easily at pharmacies. (In fact, I have been packing my anti-cramp salts in these gelatine caps for years)

b) For those who dislike the taste of coffee, this is a perfect way of getting all the ''kick without the taste''!

c) For endurance ultras or even tris, the capsules can be easily packed in small zip lock plastics bags and carried during the race.

Just thought I could share this with you!



plee said...

Genius! gonna try it too... mebbe caffeine with salt. old seadogs used to take coffee with salt didn't they? Thanks for sharing

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michlooi said...

i love the idea