Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feeling better

(Photo courtesy of Sam)

I'm feeling better today for many reasons. Having collapsed in the office last Thursday I did think that my number was up, but having done two Ironmans in the space of two weeks and then hit the party trail fairly hard over the last few days my body was open for all sorts of viral or bacterial attacks.

As it happens it looks like I had a viral AND bacterial attack all at once - the little blighters!

I had entered Singapore Triathlon, a race that I have had some good success at over the years. I was pretty confident about the race and more enthused than anything that this would be the turning point for the rest of the season after a disappointing Ironman China.

As it turned out I was barely given the go ahead to visit Singapore for a gentle family vacation let alone race all out. Very disappointing but when you consider I thought my number was up on Thursday then I think I'll get over it.

Today I got my blood test results and the Platelets count which had been on the decline in the 4 previous tests were back to the normal levels - very relieved and back to full on training now.

I did ask the doc if I should phase it in a bit but he said "No full on training is fine, you're totally recovered".

Cool, I shall phase it in a bit though as I don't think my muscles would cope at the moment.

Finally, Sam sent me this picture of me and Carmen shortly after I finished Ironman China. It certainly didn't take me much time to ruin a finishers T-shirt and it looks like I'm about to audition for a role as a clown but hey-ho I like the photo and this together with my recovery from almost certain death last week is officially the start of the rest of the season.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention, today I found out that I'm in the British Team for the ITU World Long Course Championships in Germany on August 1st. How cool is that? I'm following in the footsteps of such famous stars as Chrissy Wellington, Sam Pritchard and Malaysia's own, Sofian Ismail.

Very happy, so now it's back to blinkered rides down the highway and 32k Sunday runs, bottom up, head down - go go go!


Brybrarobry said...

Glad to hear your better. Great news on making the team. Congrats.

Nice picture. Has anyone ever told you, you have the perfect face for a clown at the circus. Just saying, if you were ever looking at a career change.


Simon said...

Thanks Bryan, I'll be sure to use yourt material if I take the career change.