Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Singapore Tri - 4 years later

These photos are shot at Brewerkz Singapore and have become a bit of a tradition when I enter the OSIM Singapore Triathlon. (It's a micro brewery too so I always feel obliged to partake in the range of "testers" that they have there of all the different types of beer - yum yum - I was too sick to race this year on doctors orders but I did manage to get permission to have a small amount of the beer [much to Shilpa's disgust])

July 2006 - boys 6 months old

July 2008 - boys 2 & 1/2 years old

April 2010 - boys 4 & 1/2 (almost) years old.

July 2006 - Shilpa, Seb, Sid and me

July 2008 - Shilpa, Seb, Sid and me

July 2010 - Shilpa, Seb, Sid and me


Anonymous said...

the orange t was just incidental? hihi. ur boys look so cute !! :)

Simon said...

Orange polo shirt was intentional - call me a saddo or what but you'll see the same next time too.