Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ian's Birthday Party

My long standing business partner and best buddy, Ian, celebrated his birthday last weekend. 2am to bed and a 5am wake up for my long run was tough but worth it. Here are a few photos.

My lovely wife and I. As the song goes "Isn't she pretty in pink?". As for me, I have no idea what I was doing or why I was looking like that but it beats the standard photo face.

Shilpa and her Mom.

The girls doing what girls do best at parties...getting stuck into the dessert.

Ian and I saying our fond farewells - there was a "racy" picture to shock his wife but in the sober light of day he didn't send me that one.

All in all a really great night with good friends and great people - a miserable run the next day though, with great friends and great people too, but as you can imagine it was tough tough tough.

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