Monday, May 09, 2011

Ironman China Training

I generally don't do training posts...because...well...quite honestly they're usually as boring as [CHOOSE ONE] school, politicians, preachers(of any religion), going for a walk, watching paint dry or piano lessons. With one exception and only one exception, that's Bryan Payne who even seems to make putting his compression gear on interesting (he has a gift, drinks watered down beer but has a gift).

So what's different about this post? Well, it was an epic weekend's work out (Saturday - 186k/21k bike/run brick, Sunday 32k run), it was super hot and I was peeing blood like no tomorrow. If it had only been two out of three of these factors I wouldn't have bothered but it seems worth it under the circumstances with IMChina so close.

On Saturday I did my usually ride of 186k rolling hills, two short drinks stops and the rest of the time in the aero position giving it heaps. Richard Tang joined me which was great, it's always nice to have someone else along to suffer too.

The ride was fairly uneventful other than the fact that when the sun came up it was a little scary. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the usual haze that keeps the sun abated for the first couple of hours wasn't there. It was gonna be SUPER HOT unless we got lucky.

We didn't get lucky and I was wearing my race tri top exposing my shoulders and part of my back (I usually wear a bike Jersey). I was gonna end up in hospital at this rate as I'd forgotten to put block on. But then I did get lucky. At drink stop one, as luck would have it, Carmen turned up and had a bottle of sunblock. Disaster averted. THANKS CARMEN.

By the time we got back it was 40.3 Celsius, probably the hottest Saturday this year and almost no clouds. Unsurprisingly, my heart rate was much higher at 121bpm compared to last week's 107bpm for the same ride and we were 11 minutes slower.

We piled into some ice water, took a bit of a breather and then headed out for our brick run with the sun still beating down relentlessly. I convinced Richard to run bigger loops than last week but by 12.5k he'd had enough (trust me, this guy is tough as nails and a fantastic runner but he's also smart). I continued and knocked out 21k at a pace of 5:20mpk including 3 drink stops. Totally stoked by that and this was my second brick ride/run of the week where I'd knocked out a half marathon after the bike. Not to mention the crazy temperature.

But then the trouble started. I peed on the last loop of the run and noticed some blood in my urine. I've never had that before. After I'd loaded up on water and cooled down a bit I peed again and this time it looked like mostly blood and not much urine - oo ere! I wondered whether to worry Shilpa with it but I knew she'd be rightfully upset if I didn't. She was cool but then went and Googled it and came back and asked me if there was any pain when I peed.

No pain, "Oh!" she said..."Pain and you've probably got a urinary infection"..."No pain and it might be cancer"! NICE!!!

That was reassuring! In fact there are other explanations such as Kidney Disease or simply Runners Hematuria. The latter being irritation of the bladder caused by the constant jarring of the running action and dehydration.

By the end of the day my urine was clear and all was good. I decided to do my run in the morning and although 32k was scheduled I decided to run 11k and then check my urine and bail if there was any blood.

It was clear and I was relieved (haha pun intended). I was running with Sam, Julie, Richard (he was having his revenge for the day before and running circles round me) and Emer (not sure about spelling). Emer is a doctor and a sport addict by the sounds of it, she's super chatty and super nice, I hope she joins us again.

I was proudly telling the group of my previous day's problem when she suggested that it could be quite serious and end up in Renal Failure. NICE ONE! That stopped me in my tracks, literally for a moment or two. I was then scared enough to visit the hospital for a check up this morning.

We had a good steady run back but I was hurting bad by 18k and with the urine issue and the long brick run the day before I was full of excuses to call it a day at 21k. BUT...I had forgotten Richard who'd zoomed off ahead. He was sitting by my car quietly waiting for me to get back to start the last 11k!!! BUGGER!

So off we set, pain, misery, dark moments, regret, more pain, more misery, probably a bit of sobbing...blah blah blah and less than an hour later we were back. 32k in the bag and off home quick as you like for Mother's Day.

I went for a pee, with not just a little trepidation and apprehension... sure enough more blood, albeit less than the day before. Once again all was clear by the afternoon.

I went to get my Chinese Visa today. I had to apply in person on Friday and go for an "interview" today. The interview lasted 30 seconds and could have easily been done when I first applied. Now I have go back on Wednesday to collect my passport and visa. How bureaucratically stupid is this? I don't know if they think everyone going to China haven't got better things to do but come on guys, you want people to do business with you? You want people to come and spend money with you? This annoyance will certainly add weight to future decisions on business and touristy visits to China.

After the Embassy visit I went to the hospital to get checked up. Three hours later I'd had my urine tested and there was not even a trace of blood cells which was encouraging. I'd also had a CT Scan of my kidney's and bladder. The doctor seemed pretty convinced that I had Kidney Stones somewhere in my system. The CT scan gave me the all clear too. I have an appointment with a Urologist tomorrow for a second opinion and hopefully we'll eliminate the Kidney Disease and Bladder Cancer too.

(Both Shilpa and my business partner Ian were a little more concerned than they should be when I told them I'd been referred to a Neurologist, as it turns out I'm just a little illiterate rather than needing my brain looked at haha)


Matty O said...

I was going to suggest kidney stone BUT those typically hurt like you have never hurt in your life on the way out... hoping it was just from the jarring on the run.

Hang in there man, sounds like you are back on track with awesome volume!!!

Perfectionist said...

Thanks for ‘adopted’ me to your training. Totally agree, it’s so much more fun to have a training partner, not to mention it’s safer too. You’re very focus and committed to the training. I have never seen anyone with such determination. Or maybe I don’t have many friends, ha ha ha ha

I learned a lot from you, thanks for all the guidance.