Monday, May 16, 2011

Seb's first multisport event - Aquathlon

Yesterday Seb did his first multi sport event, the Alice Smith Aquathlon. Sid said a while ago that he didn't want to do it and when Sid makes up his mind there's pretty much no changing it. Having said that, when Sid decides he'll try something then he becomes very proficient, very quickly, I've no doubt we'll see his inaugural appearance in the not too distant future.

Seb was totally unfazed by the whole thing, he was amazingly totally cool and calm, no sign of any nerves, unlike Mummy and Daddy! It was a 50m swim and 750m run. The youngest age-group was under 8's so he was competing against mainly 6 and 7 year olds and two of his friends from his year.

The briefing.

Totally relaxed a few minutes before the start.

The whistle went and he was off, no hesitation, he just flew. He didn't swim that straight (a bit like his dad) and neither did the other kids, so there was loads of bumping and crashing (just like a mass Ironman start). It didn't phase him one little bit, he never missed a stroke, kept correcting his line and kept going at a beautifully consistent pace. He was back in no time, changed into his shoes (I was the official shoelace tier-upper, I may have to get him elastic laces if he gets into it).

His running was equally amazing, he's a bit of a surger i.e. goes easy and then surges forward. I was convinced he'd need to walk at some point but he was so focused and just kept on pushing. If any kid came from behind he'd surge forward and even caught some of the older kids that started walking. He never looked like he'd stop once, I was choked up, I don't think I've ever been prouder of him.

Here he is with his well earned finisher's medal. Once again he was totally chilled about what he'd just accomplished - really something to see, did I mention how proud I was?

Here's Seb and Sid together, as predicted Sid felt very left out with all the focus on Seb (deservedly so), I think next time Sid might just think about doing it too, I hope so, Seb had so much fun and so did Mummy and Daddy.

Seb took his medal to school today and told his teacher. She was very impressed and very sweet about it, she even gave him a house point!!!


Elenamary said...

awesome! you should so this entry some day to Seb. Show him how proud his daddy is of him.

lizzie said...

No, you are right it is pretty damn cute! Well done little fella!

Andrea said...

Sooo cool! Well done Seb!! And mummy&daddy for cheering (and probably jumping up and down, like parents do) him to the finish! I'm sure he will join you for an IM in 10 years! We will come and cheer you all to the finish!

Matty O said...

GREAT JOB! Haha, did you see his face in the running picture, EYES ON THE PRIZE! That is total determination.

Was wondering how Sid took the whole thing. Glad he was supportive regardless!

JohnP said...

wow - u must be so proud! Dude thats awesome!

I thought for sure you were in this event. I'm pretty sure we've seen photos of you crushing kids in the past so why not this one too? ;) hah!

dev said...

Great Job...way to go Sid....

Anonymous said...

wah..very focus race and nice pix too,especially the run pix.


Simon said...

E, Thanks, I already did and keep telling him how proud I am. The whole blogg is really for the boys to look abck on in the future.

L, Thanks I passed it on to him

A, Thanks and yes we were. Does that mean I still have to be doing IM in 10 years? In fact he probably wouldn't do them for another 20 years - gulp, I'll be the oldest Ironman in town.

M, Yes he was more focused than I've ever seen him, he usually loses concentration in most things he does. Sid was well miffed and only really semi-supported. He's super competitive. I've no doubt he'll do the next one and we'll never hear the end of it or else there will be lots of tears and tantrums if it doesn't go well (just like his dad haha)

J, Thanks and yes I was and am super proud. As for me, one of the Malaysian juniors saw me there and his face dropped. He seemed a little more happy when I told him I wasn't doing it. A bit of bullying is good for them haha

D, Thank's Niks, it was Seb that did it though (bad uncle) haha

T, thanks buddy, I passed the compliments on to Seb and Shilpa th photographer