Monday, May 09, 2011

One Liner from Ezer

Here's a one liner for u:

q: What's scarier than to find blood in your urine?
a: Simon Cross' training plan!


Simon says: - Haha, I thought that this was very funny although my training plan is usually blown out of proportion, honestly it's not that crazy.


Denis Oakley said...

Well finding Simon's plan in your urine suggests lots of interesting anatomical issues.....

Matty O said...

not that crazy TO YOU! haha. To me, yeah, you are nuts.

Bryan Payne said...

S, love your starting to lay the pipe for the excuses in LP. haha. Not the race, I'm talking the post race drinking. I can hear it now. "Oh, I shouldn't, I need some sleep, did I tell you I had pee in my urine earlier this year, I really need to stop at my 3rd beer, please don't pressure me, I don't want to pee blood, wha, wha, wha, wha." I can see it now. hahaha


Simon said...

D, Good one!

M, Another 12 months and it will seem normal to you too

B, RESULTS IS WHAT COUNTS MY FRIEND - Time will tell! No excuses needed.