Monday, May 16, 2011

Things happen for a reason - No they don't!

Some people have said to me that Ironman China being cancelled happened for a reason (I disagree) and then shared their thoughts on some of the positives that have come out of it (of which I greatly appreciate).

I am not a fatalist, nor do I place my faith in some imaginary "super being", I believe that your destiny is in your own hands and you create your own fate. With that said, I feel that good things usually happen to me and that's probably due to the fact that I always think positively and always look for opportunity in every aspect of life even (especially) adversity.

So what good will come out of the cancellation of Ironman China? Below is my list so far (and no doubt I'll quietly add to it).

Firstly though, I was doing my long ride on Saturday, I'd changed it from my fast, flowing, rolling hill Port Dickson course (186k), which was perfect for IMChina, to the hillfest monster of the Broga Loop (195k). I'm assuming Korea will be hilly as it has been in previous years.

As I was reflecting on IMChina, I was already accepting of the cancellation and all the plus points that were going to come out of it. But then it struck me, I wasn't as fit or down to weight for IMChina as I had been for IMMY last year, I'm in pretty good shape but not where I should be or where I'd promised myself I would be.

I thought to myself, I would have paid a lot of money for 5 extra weeks training, in fact if you'd have asked me exactly how many more weeks I need I would have said 4 if everything went well but 5 weeks as there are inevitable setbacks. Eureka, WTC, the local organisers or the Chinese government had just gifted me a dream scenario - now all I have to do is deliver on the training and race day will take care of itself.

So, to the list: -
  1. 5 extra weeks to train (seriously needed)

  2. 5 extra weeks to get to, or at least close to, my target weight (super important now it's likely to be hilly, this also helps me for IMLP as that is hilly too)

  3. There will be an extra 25 Kona qualifying slots awarded to IMKorea (now 75 instead of 50).

  4. I get my IMChina entry fee back in full (easily offsetting my no-refundable flight & visa costs)

  5. I hadn't paid anything yet for the hotel in China

  6. I get a free entry to IMKorea

  7. Hotels are cheaper at IMKorea than IMChina

  8. I've never been to Korea

  9. China had cancelled the swim, I'd have gone but it just wouldn't have been the same

  10. My goal is to qualify for Kona, if I'd done it in China without the swim there would have always been a question mark (in my own mind at least)

  11. I have an important business EGM that I was going to miss in Singapore - now I can go.

  12. I'm doing IMLake Placid - it was 8 weeks after IMChina, I had no idea how to handle the training for that, now it is just 3 weeks after IMKorea so it's rest, no long stuff and training just to maintain fitness - EASY!

  13. My performance is drastically compromised when a race is longer than 3 hours and the temperature gets over 30C - IMChina's weather is extremely unpredictable, it may have been cool but it may have been super hot also. IMKorea looks far more stable and is likely to be high 20's. I'll take the predictability any day.

  14. I can drink coffee again (until the start of June at least haha).

  15. My inevitable return to drinking, eating pizzas and ice-cream is delayed at least another 5 weeks - I'm taking this as a positive as it means I'll be in better shape for IMLP.

  16. I'm feeling really good about things again; I felt I'd let myself down in the build up to China - too many broken promises to myself.
So as you can see I'm really psyched about this.

I do feel for the people that were just starting their taper and were 100% ready for China though (except those in my age-group - sorry people, now you're screwed - Bring it on! haha)


Matty O said...

HAHA, LOVED this post man.

I think you have all your priorities straight and like you said in this post, a lot of good things came from this.

Go get em! (This means you have to get back in the pool again now!)

JohnP said...

Yeh baby!

17. You dont have to swim in that piss infested China water

18. No food poisoning from the China athletes dinner

19. Korea has waaay hotter woman

20. you can lose those extra pounds that were lingering (u said that already but it needed to be said again lol!)

21. You will be so tired from Korea that you'll suffer at IMLP thus giving me a chance to beat your ass! oh wait.. that's a positive for me not you - hah!

Glad to see you got your head in the right place! This really looks like it is working in your favour! Thats good you didn't have a hotel booked already!

You have a GREAT opportunity here! You are gonna kick ass in Korea!!

Simon said...

M, Thanks buddy, training really moving to new level now and yes I'm in the pool again.

J, All valid points, even 21, however surely there should be a wager appended there?