Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nursing Man-Flu

I'm nursing man-flu (a heavy cold). No training this week and off work. I'll be back in a day or two with a vengeance. I needed a break from training anyway. Haha

I avoided the antibiotics so far but not sure that's going to last as it's threatening to move to my lungs. We shall see.

Later Taterz


PS Watched "The Last King of Scotland" from my sick bed yesterday. Great movie (although complete nonsense from a historical point view - they only got one fact right - Idi Amin was the nasty evil dictator of Uganda). Forest Whitaker was a scary mofo as Idi Amin. Forest usually plays cuddly, snuggly teddy bear characters - he was brilliant in this movie, really scary and the real deal.


Anonymous said...

get well soon fast boy.
Chantz x

Simon said...

Thanks Chantz. I think you mispelt FAT Boy - never mind we both know what you meant haha