Thursday, March 06, 2008

Poll Result - Who do you want to see as the next US President?

The overwhelming answer was - NOT George W. Bush with 54% of the vote. I for one voted for this option and the the world is surely going to be a safer place as soon as this meglamanic is gone, no matter who takes his place.

Obama was the next highest choice with 22% of the vote followed by Hilary Clinton with 16% of the vote. Hillary would be my actual choice had I not been so fed up of the incumbant idjut.

The Bill and Hilary team did a great job last time (although a bit distracted by Monica's blue dress and cigar habits) but more of the same I say. Obama, your turn next time.

Sorry to see Rudi (2%) screw things up so royally.

I'm sorry, but who is John MaCain (4%)?

Anyway, enough of this boring politics stuff, no doubt I'll have another poll when the elections are underway properly i.e. John MaCain vs Obama or Hilary

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