Monday, March 24, 2008

You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

Check this out from my firends Chris and Chantal (Elephantfeet). Next time you start moaning and complaining that it's too hot, it might rain, you're too tired or whatever the excuse of the day it is - spare a thought for these poor souls and then quite ya bitchin and get out there.

Deal Tri Spring Aquathon from Elephant Feet
by Chantal Wayman

Spring aquathon, sounded like a nice Easter weekend race for India to make her multisport racing debut.........ummmm, didn't quite envisage her racing in a blizzard!

With Kofi, Nanny Julie and I watching, both Chris and Indie raced in truly appalling conditions. Chris did a 500m pool swim and 8km run and Indie did a 50m pool swim and 500m run. Both did really well, although only one won their age group and got an Easter egg prize, and it wasn't Chris!

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