Monday, March 10, 2008

Well Blow Me Over - An interesting Election!

Since I grew up and became cynical and worn out by politics and politicians, I haven't really paid much attention to any of it. The US elections affect us all and is a mildly amusing media circus, there's even a little intrigue occasionally but by and large it all pretty dull and full of BS.

Never was there a more predicable and boring political process than Malaysian elections - basically "dictatorship by consent", although strongly influenced by a biased media and restrictive laws on public gathering and protests. Actually, it's worked pretty well for 50 years but all of a sudden the masses have said "Hold on a minute, there might just be another way!"

The incumbent government is still in control but with a greatly reduced majority and with a renewed and revitalised opposition brimming with confidence.

Both points are excellent news for Malaysia as the apple cart of the economy isn't upset but at the same time the opposition get some real power. Over the next few years they will evolve and get stronger and one would hope that the incumbent government will actually listen to the people and change for the better; if not the opposition will take over next time around when they have matured as a political force - either way the future looks promising.

Here's an extract from Malaysia Today: -

Shock swing against BN shows it's out of touch and catches media by surprise

TAKE heed of what the voters are saying.

That in essence was the message yesterday from the Malaysian media to the Abdullah Badawi government as it reacted to the stunning election result that saw the opposition seizing five out of 13 states, including urban Selangor.

Saturday's election also left the government without its two-thirds majority in Parliament for the first time since 1969.

The shocking nature of the outcome was captured in headlines suggestive of massive earthquakes or other natural disasters.

'Political Tsunami,' screamed the headline in the top-selling Sunday Star newspaper. 'BN Rocked,' said the New Sunday Times (NST).

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