Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Who's a Silly Boy?

(photo courtesy of Ivie - Squirrels Site)

It's official - I'm a complete "Numptie" a.k.a. "an Idjut"!

Having injured my right foot by trying to run long just one week after the Western Australia Ironman (having also run two 42.2k training runs, Powerman and the Bangkok Marathon in the preceding 5 weeks) these facts alone probably have most readers thinking what a "plonker" and I got exactly what I deserved.

Well to top it off I decided that the best way to fix the problem would be to gently train through it and work on the basis of denial.

By the time I realised that this approach wasn't working it was 3 weeks before the Malyaisian Ironman and there was no way I was going to a doctors to be told that I couldn't race (Shilpa would never have allowed me to ignore the doc's advice). So I buried my head a little deeper in the sand and stopped running altogether.

Come race day I had barely run in 3 months and my foot was pretty sore during the entire exercise although it was the lack of run training that really slowed me down.

Never mind I thought, at least I finished the race and now I'll go and see the foot doctor.

That was yesterday and after he'd listened, looked and prodded the conversation went something like this: -

Dr. Low "Yes, yes, no big deal, use these shoe inserts and you'll be right as rain".
Numptie Simon "Is that it, what about anti-inflammatories, drugs, physiotherapy, surgery?"
Dr. Low "Waste of time, no, no need, definitely not"
Numptie Simon "How soon can I start running again?"
Dr. Low "Today, this afternoon, now, whenever you like"
Numptie Simon "How far can I run"
Dr. Low "As far as you like, just back off if it starts hurting"
Numptie Simon "Is that it? As simple as that?"
Dr. Low "Yes"
Numptie Simon "So, if I'd come to you in December you could have fixed it straight away?"
Dr. Low "Yes"
Numptie Simon "Blimey, so there really is nothing else?"
Dr. Low "Well there is one thing!"
Numptie Simon "A-ha, I knew it couldn't have been as simple as that, what is it?"
Dr. Low "My bill, please pay on the way out".

So there you have it, when you think you might need to see a doctor, don't be a Numptie, go and see one.

Let's hope I've learned my lesson!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me I just fell off my chair with laughter.
Learnt your LESSON? Really Mr Cross, there is only one word suitable for a man of your athletic prowess and caliber and not to mention stupidity.
Four letters and sounds like BOB!