Thursday, March 20, 2008

Twas My 42nd Birfday

It's official, it was my 42nd birthday on Tuesday.

Thanks for all the SMS's, eCards, Birthday cards, emails and telephone calls, it was really fabulous to hear from everyone.

I took the day off work with the intention to start the day with a ride but I decided to see the boys off to school instead and did a bit of work from home. Before they left though they gave me two gorgeous hand made birthday cards and a new Nike shirt that I'd been eyeing recently. Those boys, they're so sweet and know just what to buy Daddy!

Shilpa also presented me with a new pair of Lance Armstrong Limited Edition Oakley Radar sunglasses - WICKED! Later in the evening she then gave me another present, I'm not going to say what it is but let's just say it reminds me a bit of the movie "Alien" - I'll try to get some pictures of it soon.

At 12pm I picked the boys up from school, which they seemed pretty stoked about and then drove them home with them singing Happy Birthday to Dad..dy..." all the way home until they fell asleep.

It was then off to play golf with my good buddies - John Penver, John Robertson and Henry Tan who'd kindly taken the afternoon off work in order to humour me on the golf course. I had an outstanding game followed by a few beers and then back to have ice-cream cake with Shilpa and the boys.

They sang Happy Birthday again and blew out my candles with lots of gusto and spittle. We then put them to bed and Shilpa and I went out for dinner and drinks at the Meridien. The plan was also to go to Zeta bar afterwards but being such oldies enough was enough and we cruised home where I promptly passed out in bed with a very contented smile on my face. A good day!

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