Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ngae - Latest

Simon says: - "I'm waiting for an update from Dr. Tan but I've not heard anything yet, I'm sure that no news is good news and that Ngae is recovering well and resting. Needless to say I will post something as soon as I hear.

On another note below is a message from Pin Pin, I'm sure you can appreciate that the worry must be really stressful and clearly the sheer volume of well wishers has its own challenges, therefore can I ask that everyone channels their wishes either through this site (I promise he'll get every single one of them) or through another medium rather than contacting his phone directly - the last thing we want is for our enthusiasm for our friend's recovery to actually be a burden on his family who must be in a awful state of shock and the pressure must be immense.

My plan is to visit tomorrow if they and the doctors are supportive of that. I will then post an update here and let you know what the most beneficial visiting schedule will be.

Pin Pin's message: -

"Dear Simon and all running friends of Ngae,

We thank all of you for your kind thoughts and understand your excitement that he is well. The message that Dr. Tan forwarded to you was from me as per Ngae's request. However it would also be good that Ngae has lots of rest after a four hour surgery [another kind of marathon] and if you all were to visit him during this week you can imagine him talking 13 to the dozen thus how can he rest?

Ngae's request is that he be resting this week [per surgeon's advise] and I fully support him. Could I therefore humbly suggest that Dr. Tan visit him with one or two of you and they could keep you all posted as to Ngae's condition.

It would also be easier on my family and me to just deal with one person instead having to answer so many msgs and calls and explaining the situations. Its very tiring and testing after a long day.

With sincere thanks and regards from Pin Pin & family."

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