Sunday, March 15, 2009

We Like the Green Bags!

(Photos by Tey and Shilpa - CLICK TO ENLARGE)

Write up by Shilpa

We did our second 3 kms Family Run this morning and what an entertainment it was for Simon, my parents and I.

After about 200 meters into the run, Seb n Sid's tummy started hurting, bottom was itching, headaches, fever, sun was hot, stopped for a pee etc etc etc - any excuse to be carried and/or not finish the run.

I was laughing away to glory whilst Simon was taking it a bit more seriously and tried his best to shuffle the kids along to the finish line so that we weren't dead last!!! It was hilarious! Nana and Nani enjoyed their first run with the boys too although they think we really TORTURED the poor little souls by MAKING them walk/run 3 kms. My mom now wants to give them a foot massage (I am not kidding!).

All the way to the finish line with lots of coaxing and cajoling and Seb n Sid had a smile when they got their medals and an even bigger smile when they got some Milo....

But most valuable to Seb n Sid was a green environmental friendly bag.......check them out...

Not sure what our finishing time was and nor does it matter. But we sure weren't LAST...and most importantly had a brilliant family time together!

Simon says: "Check out their new Nike running shoes"


Keat Seong said...

The bags look big enough to fit each one of them.. :P

What a great family bonding activity!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Simon !!