Monday, March 30, 2009

Visiting Ngae - A message from Dr Tan

Dr. Tan has just let me know that the surgeon suggests only visiting Ngae when he is back in the ward rather than while he is in ICU.

I am very keen on visiting him ASAP but will follwo the surgeon's recommendations - he is likely to be in the ward on Wednesday - I'll keep you all posted.


Andy Ng said...

Hello my dear Mr.Ngae.

I heard about the operation from Mohan today

I would like to wish U to have a speedy recovery!!

From all of us who know U in Singapore , get well soon!!

Remember what U told me the last time , we have the same passion to have come togather , so lets have more races togather in the future !!

My best wishes;
Andy the smallcircle, Singapore

Anonymous said...

Dear Simon and all running friends of Ngae,

We thank all of you for your kind thoughts and understand your excitement that he is well. The message that Dr. Tan forwarded to you was from me as per Ngae's request. However it would also be good that Ngae has lots of rest after a four hour surgery [another kind of marathon] and if you all were to visit him during this week you can imagine him talking 13 to the dozen thus how can he rest?

Ngae's request is that he be resting this week [per surgeon's advise] and I fully support him. Could I therefore humbly suggest that Dr. Tan visit him with one or two of you and they could keep you all posted as to Ngae's condition.

It would also be easier on my family and me to just deal with one person instead having to answer so many msgs and calls and explaining the situations. Its very tiring and testing after a long day.

With sincere thanks and regards from Pin Pin & family.

plee said...

Thx for the updates Simon. Much appreciated