Friday, March 06, 2009

Goals - Fantasy, Dream and Real

(Photo courtesy of Karoline & Steve - check out the T-Shirt, now that's a race goal I don't want to repeat)

It's always essential to set yourself some goals before Ironman - lots of goals, some easy, some hard and some downright impossible today but they are what you aspire towards for the future - This is my list, I had a great race so I achieved many of them. Quite honestly if I'd only achieved one of them then the day would have been a huge success.

Check out my Fantasy goals - these will be my dream goals for future races. I've got a big imagination (and a big ego) so there will be new Fantasy Goals too.

Fantasy Goals - would have been nice but absolutely didn't expect to achieve them
1. Ironman Swim Personal Best (i.e. wetsuit or none wetsuit) - Failed
2. Sub 5 Hour Bike Time - Failed (but almost made it)
3. Ironman Run [Marathon] Personal Best (i.e. including standalone marathons = less than 3hr53min) - Failed
4. Sub 3hr30min Marathon - Failed
5. Qualify for Hawaii - Failed but now I believe for the first time ever that I can achieve this in the next couple of years

Dream Goals - Realistically possible if I had the perfect day
1. Ironman Bike Personal Best - Achieved
2. Sub 5:15 Bike - Achieved (I was well chuffed with this especially after I saw how hilly the course was)
3. Ironman Run Personal Best - Achieved
4. Ironman Personal Best - Achieved

Real Goals - Should achieve if I'm still moving forward in this sport
1. Langkawi Swim Personal Best - Achieved
2. Langkawi Bike Personal Best - Achieved
3. Langkawi Run Personal Best - Achieved
4. Langkawi Ironman Personal Best - Achieved
5. Finish not only in daylight but in sunshine - Achieved (This I thought might be tough since they started us half an hour later than usual).
6. Run over the line with my boys - Achieved
7. Finish with a smile, and sit and chat so that my Mum and Dad didn't get scared like they did after Ironman Switzerland (I think they thought I was going to die - I felt like I was going to die) - Achieved


Anonymous said...

hey simon,

excellent timing! congratulation. i can only dream on such time.

anyway, noticed this time you crossed the finishing line w/o your usual Union Jack T. Does the new tri suit partly contributed to this success?

:) cheers

Denis Oakley said...

Damn that's impressive. I hope you have to turn to one side to get through doors because your smile is so wide

Keat Seong said...

Congratz Mate!!! :D

Simon said...

Hey Heckler, Union Jack singlet is only brought out for Ironman's I'm taking easy - trisuit means business!

Thanks Denis but is there some word play there? Smile so wide or head so wide? I'll settle for both - I'm a happy chappie.

Keat Seong - Thanks.