Monday, May 25, 2009

For my Dad - Yes Peter Cross, YOU

Mohan the Great writes: -

"Dear All Fellow Runners,

"An Inspiration To All" - I think best describes Dr Roy.

Dr Ashis Roy, a cardiologist at 76, took ONLY 6h32min to do the Delaware Marathon in Wilmington (anyone knows where the hell this place is???).
He did 2 marathons in 2 weeks and plans another - 3 in a month !!!

I can still remember back in 1996, after completing the then Singapore International Marathon, I called the organisers, SAAA ( now called SAA , somewhat equivalent to KL's FTAAA ) and suggested that they should organise more marathons in Singapore.
The answer I got was: "Your body CANNOT do more than 2 marathons a year".
Now I know that government funds went to the wrong organisation!

I know of another gentleman from Singapore, Mr Chan Meng Hui, who at the age of 78, did the Bangkok and Singapore Standard Chartered Marathons in two weeks. He too, just like Dr Roy, was a 'late starter', started running only after retirement.

I hope Dr Pui San ( ) would forward this article to her boss ( Red Turban ) - tell Red Turban that I shall sponsor him his first pair of running shoes!

If you know of any young wanna-be runners, forward them this article - I am sure it would be an inspiration.

Meanwhile, enjoy running and have fun. For those running the 42k and 84k Sundown Marathon, race pack collection starts today. Good luck to all!



Simon says: -

"My Dad, Peter, took up running at the grand young age of 74 and readers of this blog will know he has completed several 10k races and has even knocked out a 15k training run.

I've tried to plant ideas in his head about a half marathon but hey, why not go the whole hog - which marathon do you want to do Dad? I'll come and join you for it and I'm sure Angela will too - what do you say?"

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