Monday, May 11, 2009

Newton Running Shoes

Well they're here at last, in Malaysia I mean. Probably the most innovative running shoes since Nike introduced the waffle sole. Does that mean they work though?

I got back from a swift 21k to Sri Hartamas on Sunday morning, suffering quite badly after a hard hilly ride to Titi the day before. Not only that but I ran headfirst into the Bomba 10k and then a few minutes later the Bomba 7k. Thousands of people head down running at me head on - it got quite scary.

Nowhere to go - you might imagine how many close encounters I had. Anyway, I survived but probably didn't make too many friends - "What was this foreign idiot doing running the wrong way?", they were probably thinking (the less polite ones were probably thinking darker thoughts with more colourful language)!!!

So back to the Newton's; I got back to the car park feeling very sore (and a bit battered and bruised) but had heard from one of the guys at the turnaround point that QuickSport ( the local distributors for the Newtons were allowing runners to test the shoes.

I've been anxious to try a pair for some time so i just couldn't resist. I eventually found a pair of 44's and off I hobbled on my rapidly seizing-up legs. I tootled around Lake Gardens for about a 4k run and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

As you may know the Newton's work on the basis of forefoot striking i.e. primarily landing on the forefoot. They have protruding dimples (see photo) which they claim recycle the energy from the foot landing into the foot take-off.

My principle concern was stability and thus injury but I'm pleased to say that these shoes were extremely stable and very comfortable to wear. As for their efficiency, claimed energy recycling and all-round performance I'll wait until I've managed to get hold of a pair for a few long runs before I do a full review (or reviews). My legs on Sunday weren't exactly the most "in-tune" with the road as they will be in a few weeks - in fact they felt like a couple of pile-drivers so it would be unfair for me to evaluate these shoes until I'm a little more energized and a little more elasticity returns to my tired limbs.

I did see a pair that a runner had used who was clearly a heel striker - the heel was shredded and since the shoe is totally designed for forefoot striking my simple advice is on consider this shoe if you land mainly on your forefoot - any more than that and you'll have to wait and see - watch this space.

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Keat Seong said...

after a few months on my Newtons Stability Trainers, i must say they are really light and stable and can be used for runs of any distances. I've used them thru SG Marathon, GE 30K and IM Langkawi, and no complains so far.

Only thing is it's not as durable as my Asics, I think I would have to get a new pair soon as this one is starting to wear out after 6 months.

And be prepared to have bigger calves as forefoot striking uses the calf muscles more.