Friday, January 29, 2010

Crocodiles in Miri Marina

Not sure if anyone took me seriously when I said I was nervous about the reported crocodiles in the Marina when I did a loan training swim before Miri Triathlon (Click HERE for link). Well check this out - here they are!!!!!

My Heart Rate is at about 200 as I write this - now I'm scared.


Cheong said...

Scary man.

In a separate case: I got an email about a swimmer who claim to have been bitten by a croc at one of the PD resorts (with pix of his injury). I dont have your email - else would have forward it to you.

plee said...

Crikey! a close shave!

Stemmet said...

That is freaking scary. Will they try and remove them or what?

You can be so lucky. We have a lot of rivers in South Africa with Crocs but luckily you know in which ones so you don't swim near those rivers.

That is one vicious animal.

When I read the heading I though you were joking as someone posted a pic the other day with the same heading " swimming with crocs" only to show a picture of a crocs shoe floating on the water.

But when I opened picture I was shock, big time.

you are one very lucky man.


yipwt said...

hey...good motivation for PB in the swim leg...just think crocs in the water and you'll have double stroking arms...'s good if Crocs were the sponsors as well.